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The first 50 have noted so that's a wrap, everyone! :]

Note:  Sorry, I'm not taking any commissions at this point.


I got tagged by :iconmistriver21:, so here it is!

Rules Rules Rules Rules Rules!

1) Name 3+ things about yourself that you looooooooooove!

2) Your favorite book!

3) Anything random!

4) Favorite thing(s) you've ever said!

5) Reason for being on dA?

6) What do you want to accomplish in life?

7) Tell us a little somethin' about yourself!

8) Favorite color (cliche, but still)!

9) Favorite place(s) to be!

10) How you like to spend your time!

11) Now answer this question: Would you rather be alone or with friends?

12) Repost these rules!

13) Tag as many people as you want!
I love my patience, humor, and appreciation for the little and simple things in life.

My favorite book is Black Boy by Richard Wright.  It is a 1945 autobiography of an African American man struggling to achieve his dream as a writer in a racially divided society.  Ironically, his personal success in having an education and insight "beyond his race" ironically led to his public failure because he couldn't meet the society's ignorant expectations.

I had a bowl cut hairstyle when I was a kid and was sometimes mistaken as a boy.  Then again, I dressed and acted like one.  I'm much more feminine now...was kind of forced to after hitting puberty.

Telling my mom she "can lose weight by riding a bike" after she got a ~$500 traffic ticket for running a red light...for the second time.  Her response was to poke me playfully in the back of my head. XD

I love art and the people.

To become an independent and conscious adult with a stable job and charitable reputation.

My username khakipants12 is tied to my elementary and middle school experiences.  
In 6th grade, I was assigned the number 12 and something lucky/good would happen to me on the 12th day of each month.  Because of that, it became my favorite number.
In 7th grade, I was the only one out of all of my friends stupid enough to wear khaki pants on the first day of school.  Turns out the teachers allowed students to wear jeans even though the uniform dress code didn't allow it.  From then on, two guy friends of mine kept calling me khakipants to remind me.  One of them still calls me Khaki, lol.

My room/house, my BFF's place, Borders, Art Supply Warehouse, Dave&Busters and Marukai.

Sleep, exercise, draw/arts and crafts, read, and hang out with friends.

With friends, of course.

13) It's your turn.  Feel free to do it if you want.  If you can't or don't want to, it's cool.


United States
Look below for info. =)

Current Residence: California (SoCal)
Favourite genre of music: Rock, instrumental, trance, any melody that sounds good to me...
Favourite cartoon character: Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Personal Quote: Self-responsibility: If you can't accept the blame, you will never learn from the shame.

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I luv you're hetalia comics.
Hello~! Do you take requests? If not, could you give me some tip on how to draw in the Hetalia style? Thankies! :D
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Hello c: Do you take requests? c:
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Please come back to us
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It says Be back in Summer but it's almost Fall..... D:
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i know D:
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I love your art so much! You are amazing and one of my fav artists! :D
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(( Hallo dear uh.. do you do requests?))
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